Product Lines


Silverhook continues to identify and produce winning lines.

Oils & Lubricants - All engine oils have API, ACEA specification, and are available in trade and retail packages.

Oils within the range meet the following specifications:

VW 500.00. & 505.00 (01/97); BMW Special Oil, Mercedes Benz 229.1 & Porsche GL.

Hydraulic, Transmission and Two-Stroke Oils complete the range.

Winter Lines - BS6580 Coolants and Antifreeze, Screenwash, Radiator Flush and Sealant, Deicers.

Additives - Petrol, Injector, and Diesel Treatments, Oil & Transmission Stop Leak, Oil Stop Smoke & Treatment.

Maintenance - Brake Fluid, Grease, Brake & Clutch cleaner, Carb & Injector cleaner.

Body Repair - Filler, Sealant, Stoneguard, Aerosol Paint including basic, fluorescent, metallic, and a range of popular Colours.

Valet - Wash & Wax, Polish, Colour Restorer, Cockpit Shines, Trim, Wheel, and Upholstery Cleaners.

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