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28 May 2012

SGAC2 - Air Con Bomb / Cleaner
This is a good product and reasonably priced. It might just be me but I found the instructions a little confusing but I think I got there as my car no longer smells like a dead badger...

Paul Cox

20 Jun 2012

SGA04 - Diesel Treatment
I used this on my landrover which was sluggish and slow up hills, now it works a dream just as good as the expensive stuff.


26 Jun 2012

SGA05 - Diesel Treatment Gold Edition
Excellent for our rather old diesel car,cleaned it up well,reduced the black smole coming from the exhaust and I would say of gave the engine a new lease of life runs beautifully again.Highly recommended for anyone running an old diesel car.

Feline friend

11 July 2012

SGA18 - Auto Tonic Auto Trans & Power Steering Conditioner 325ml
its had that good an effect on my heavy peugeot hdi power steering ive ordered another for my lexus just to condition it,very good product.


1 Aug 2012

SGFS1 - Freeze Spray Quick Release Spray 400ml
When I purchased this product I must admit to being sceptical as to its effectiveness. I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked. I had to remove some bolts from an exhaust manifold without damaging the bolts. Following the directions on the can I was able to easily remove the bolts within a couple of minutes with a single application of the spray. I wish I had been aware of this product about 20 years ago when I did a lot more work on cars.

Mr. Richard Paul James

30 Oct 2012

SGBC1 - Brake and Clutch Cleaner Spray 500ml
This stuff is awesome. It cleans off everything. Use to clean small parts from grease and grime. I will be tyring to buy bulk next time.


21 Jan 2013

SGPG20 - 500g Copper Grease
It's exactly what it says on the tin-copper grease. Countless uses-can be used to stop bolts seizing, lubricate pivot points, backs of break pads, exhaust gaskets, etc.


2 Feb 2013

SGA03 - Petrol Treatment Gold Edition
Very simple to use simply and does what it says on the bottle,a complete fuel system clean out. my car runs spot on.i could not be more happy


6 Feb 2013

SGPG60 - White Grease 500g
Used for cycle maintainance on all my bikes MTB/Road. It's grease and it does what it says on the tin!!!


10 Feb 2013

SGPG20 - 500g Copper Grease
Good product does what it says on tin easy to use tin did arrive damaged but product was alright to use

Mr. M. Bushell

10 Feb 2013

SGA05 - Diesel Treatment Gold Edition
silverhook top quality
Best diesel treatment i have used i will use this three or four times a year also great value product

steven clayson

21 Feb 2013

SGPG10 - Moly CV Grease 500g
Just the stuff for my SDS Plus drill! Moly grease is good for solid surfaces that are under pressure, and this grease does the job without having to pay for expensive branded SDS drill grease. I may not have actually saved much money (drill manufacturer's grease is about the same price), but I've got loads and loads more grease!

D.S.T. Darvesh

26 Feb 2013

ASV05 - Black Trim Wax
bought this to try as i usually use spray type trim restorers,this is so much better.easy to apply and gives a super finish to all kinds of black trim.(even used it on my hi-fi speakers) goes a hell of a long way too. you would be wise to wear a latex glove or similar when using or you will end up with a hand like al jolsen lol. brilliant...


27 Feb 2013

SGA04 - Diesel Treatment
I do a lot of miles and was advised by my garage to put some of this through if starting and acceleration was below performance. I followed their advice and for my car it did make starting easier and acceleration better. I have also noticed slightly better fuel consumption as well. Every six months I put a bottle of this through and it has served me well - it works !

Mr. Richard Pearn

6 April 2013

SGPG20 - 500g Copper Grease
Very speedy & excellent service, good price & meets my needs for use on my car, does what it says on the tin.

Dave Haddon

14 April 2013

SPM07 - Metallic Red Spray Paint 400ml
Have not had occasion to use it as of yet, but will write a review when I use it. Cant say when that will be!

Mr. T. J. Mayo

27 April 2013

SGEC1A - Electrical Contact Cleaner
Just as good as anything you can buy from maplins for a lot lot more money great value for money

Mr. Ralph Foster

28 April 2013

SGPG02 - Lithium Grease 400g Cartridge
Grease works with my gun and is very cheap. ideal for any off road car .top product would reccomend to anyone


19 May 2013

BIG01 - Big Boy Body Filler
This body filler works very well and is easy to use I love it and would recommend it to anyone


30 May 2013

SGSIL6 - Instant Gasket Silicone 500g Cartridge
The product is really good and I like. It is very useful because it prevents leaking in cars and this product could stop it. Thank you.


2 Jun 2013

SHEA05 - DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid 500ml
This product arrived in 2 days which was impressive, there was oil on the packaging but wasent from this product so it didn't matter, I used the product for my bikes disk brakes and works great! Good product, good price, good delivery !


10 June 2013

SPB06 - Satin Black Spray Paint 500ml
Hello all....

Whilst living in Essex I purchased one of your products ( universal spray
paint - satin black ) (  spb06 / sgsp06 )

This was the best product I have used for painting parts of my American
vehicle.  I need further tins to complete my project and would like to use
the same product for quality and consistency, unfortunately I have not been
able to find a supplier locally ( Kent UK ) and the original supplier in
Essex no longer stocks the product.

Can you please advise where I can purchase the product either locally or

Thank you for your time

 5 December 2014

SGPG60 - White Grease 500g
Really happy arrived early. The grease isn't thick which is what I wanted. I seem to be putting it on everything from bike chains to the slide bar inside the front door which operates all the other security locks. We've had a few hard frosts and it hasn't made the doorlocks sticky, Which means the grease hasn't thickened up from the cold. So very happy.




12 December 2014

SGPG60 - White Grease 500g
Use it for my bike and anything else that's out in the elements and needs lubrication/protection. Good price and received in timely fashion.

Alex da Roma


4 January 2015

SGPG60 - White Grease 500g
Good stuff used it on my HAM radio antenna tower winch now winds up/down with ease, living by the sea I get alot of salt corosion so I shall see how it stands up to that over the coming months.



2 February 2013

SGA03 - Petrol Treatment
very simple to use simply and does what it says on the bottle,a complete fuel system clean out. my car runs spot on.i could not be more happy


12 May 2014

SGA03 - Petrol Treatment
yes like this product. my engine went quiet. had a tapping in my engine, took to a garage and they said it's normal for a 2005 fiesta ghia. but this siverhook stopped it. amazing. runs a lot better. have got another one. not used yet but will be getting this again. at this price you can't go wrong, and it's British. would recommend to anyone.

G. P. Esam

14 March 2015

SGA03 - Petrol Treatment
Put this in my vitara have run for a week now and it has made it run smoother it feels like new again great product will use again

r a harley

9 June 2015

SGA03 - Petrol Treatment
I have tried a few of these treatments without really not knowing if they have worked. With this product my car does seem so much smoother with a bit more acceleration .

The Wizard

21 July 2015

SGPG01 - Lithium Grease 500g
Not much to say. It's grease. Bought for general car and bike maintenance. Only used it when servicing the cup and cone bearings of a mountain bike so far. Haven't had any issues since, and wheel runs well.


12 August 2015

SGPG01 - Lithium Grease 500g
Looks and feels like grease. Used on the winders for the stabiliser legs on my caravan and well....they go up and down a lot easier.









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