Why Choose Silverhook


Silverhook trades from its own freehold site, meaning it pays no rent (it does not have a mortgage on the site either).

Silverhook is not a PLC so no dividends have to be paid to keep shareholders happy.

All the most recent additions to the tank farm have been made as a result of site development due to the large volume demands from large blue chip companies.

The large storage capacity Silverhook enjoys enables economies of scale to be obtained by "bulk" purchasing chemicals.

The company has adopted a low expense regime, all equipment from filling machines to fork lift trucks being owned by the company.

Silverhook uses technology to assist in its advertising campaigns making use of the internet, social media sites, print and other electronic forms of advertising  we do not embark on indulgent and expensive advertising campaigns which push the price of the products to excessively high levels.

Promotional material is designed and printed in-house to reduce costs and ensure advertising leaflets are up to date.

Silverhook looks forward to welcoming and helping you succeed.

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