• 0w/30 Engine Oil "Ultra V" Fully Synthetic 5 Litre

Silverhook “Ultra-V” 0W/30 fully synthetic. Recommended by Silverhook for applications requiring: SN/CF. Ultra V is an ultra high-performance multigrade engine oil, for advanced petrol and diesel engines including multi-valve, turbo, and supercharged engines. Ultra-V is formulated with the latest additive technology as demanded by today's modern engines.

Features & Benefits:

Suitable For The Most Up To Date Multi-Valve Engines
Excellent High and Low-Temperature Performance
Outstanding Cold Start and Idling Performance
Reduced Oil Consumption and Emissions
Exceptional Long Term Anti-Wear characteristics
Long-Lasting Corrosion Protection
Cleaner Running Engine, Reduces Deposits of Sludge and Carbon
Protects turbochargers from deposit formulation
Formulated to meet reduced sulfur & phosphorus levels

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0w/30 Engine Oil "Ultra V" Fully Synthetic 5 Litre

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