• Black Wax Coating Spray 500 ml

Silverhook Wax Coating is specially formulated to prolong the life of your vehicle by protecting inside panels. Wax Coating builds up an effective flexible anti-rust and weatherproof barrier. The thick waxy liquid when applied will give a flawless covering to the inside panels which will prevent rust from forming. Wax Coating will provide resistance to common road conditions such as moisture, salt damage, and general corrosive atmosphere. Wax Coating can be applied to the insides of doors, panels, headlight wells, taillight wells, box sections, behind sills, chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect. This product also finds many uses in a wide range of building applications, where its waterproof properties are particularly important, e.g. exposed metal structures and surfaces

Black Wax Coating Spray 500 ml

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