5w/30 Engine Oil (XLS)

Our standard and custom blended 5w/30 engine oil was the most popular for 2020. This is usually not a surprise for us, but considering the year it's been with Covid, national lockdowns & more people working from home than ever before it is a little bit surprising.

Our 5w/30 Supreme Plus Engine Oil is an advanced super multi-grade engine oil providing substantial protection and outstanding performance in the most up to date Multi-Valve Engines. With leading-edge additive technology, it delivers exceptional resistance to thermal breakdown, engine wear, and deposit formulation under the most severe driving conditions.

Chainsaw Oil ISO100 (SHCR)

With more people at home in 2020, it's no surprise that people were keeping themselves busy by getting some odd jobs around the house and garden done. Mainly garden work in the case of our ISO 100 Chainsaw Oil which has been formulated using high viscosity base oils and special tacky modifiers and anti fling agents making it an excellent non-fling oil to make sure lubricant stays on the bar and chain.

Lithium Grease (SGPG01 & SGPG02)

Our Lithium Grease whether it's in a tub or cartridge is always one of our most popular products. A Multi-purpose high melting point grease, which protects from corrosion and wear. For: wheel bearings, chassis, water pumps, universal joints, and many other applications.

Not too many surprises with our most popular products of last year however this proves to us that the products we make are high quality. Despite the impact on the world last year with Covid, we were able to operate safely and help our customers with their needs. Providing them with our sanitising products to help combat the virus and we will continue to do so in 2021.

Happy New Year.

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