In 2020 Silverhook had been successful in expanding our international market presence. Not only were sales up, but we also made strong connections with international clients who helped spread quality Silverhook products across the world.

South Korea has been our most successful international venture so far with a vast volume of stock going out there, ranging from custom-blended Engine Oils to Additives.


Starting with a Silverhook branded Multi-lube changer, our friends in South Korea went on to sponsor a race car (see image above) and even featured on an ad on a popular automotive Korean youtube channel which was brilliant to see.


Recently our distributor in Ghana had made a TV AD that showcases the Silverhook brand & products beautifully. It's amazing to see such commitment to the Silverhook brand from both of these customers and long may it continue.


Silverhook has strengthened its international connections in the last year and is on track for a bright future ahead. We are committed to strengthening our international presence and supporting those who believe in Silverhook. Here's to a hopeful 2021!

  Ghanian TV AD

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