Today we going to have a look over the brand new Silverhook Merchandise. We are very happy with how these all turned out and can't wait to have them in the hands of our customers. So, to kick things off...

A Silverhook banner to hang in your store, garage, offices, or other places of work.

Suit up your crew in a SIlverhook branded Hi-vis, so your customers know you represent the winning team.


Have you ever needed a pen and couldn't find one? Don't worry, we all have. Now with Silverhook pens, you need worry no longer. With a Silverhook pen in the vicinity, you will never need to look for a pen again.


Enjoy your favourite beverages out of the Silverhook mug, which now comes with a QR code to take you straight to the website.

Drawstring Bag, to put stuff in. Like your Silverhook pens, mugs, and Hi-vis vest. Your best Silverhook mug will no longer have to be stuffed into your pocket.

Silverhook Iraq Store Front
Oilstan Store Front...
League Winners
Canvey Island Youth Update...