2022 has certainly been interesting so far! But no matter how the world climate changes, Silverhook aim to provide you with top service at great prices. With a range of over 800 products, we're sure to have something you're interested in. Give us a call or email to discuss!

New Mug Design!

The Silverhook marketing team are constantly looking to expand our merchandise range. Are you bored of black mugs? Silverhook now offer a new white mug design! We offer all our promotional items for FREE to our customers! Pass them on to your customers to promote the Silverhook brand, or use them yourselves. Contact Shaun at 508@silverhook.co.uk, or Katrina at 504@silverhook.co.uk to request the whole range. We also offer car air fresheners, banners, pens, hi-vis jackets, hats and bags. 

New Warehouse Plans!

Silverhook have big plans in the works - another warehouse! We are now in the process of clearing land and moving our tank farm to allow for another warehouse - and will be updating our existing warehouse to allow for more stock room. Having more space means we can stock a lot more of our fast sellers, meaning we can streamline the production process and get your orders out quicker than ever before! Expect more news throughout 2022.

New Baby on the Way!

We'd like to say a huge congratulations to our Admin Assistant, Kerri, on her pregnancy! We hope she's able to get some rest whilst on maternity leave - and we can't wait to see the baby pictures!

What's New in January?
Antifreeze re-launch, new merchandise and new YouTube videos......
New Oil Product!
Silverhook introduces the new 0w/20 VW 508/509 SP!...