Silverhook are excited to announce our newest oil product, our 0w/20 VW 508/509 SP: 

Silverhook SAE 0W/20 – XLVW is at the cutting edge of super multi-grade engine oil providing substantial protection in the most severe conditions and improving fuel economy and acceleration. Formulated with the very latest advanced additive technology combined with high PAO & ESTER content producing a super high performance engine oil relative to the latest requirements of the American Petroleum Institute which has the high API: SP specification suitable for conventional, multi-valve and turbo charged petrol engines and turbo diesel engines. 

Our new oil is recommended for applications requiring:
• VW508 / 509
 BMW Long Life 17FE
 GDI/Petrol Injection Engines

• Excellent high and low temperature performance.
• Outstanding sludge control for stop go city motoring.
• Reduced oil consumption and emissions.
• Exceptional long term anti-wear characteristics.
• Long lasting corrosion protection.

• Density @ 15°C 0.844
• Flash Point (°C) >200
• Pour Point (°C) -48
• Total Base Number (mg KOH/g) 7.9
• Viscosity CSt @ 100°C 8.4
• Viscosity CSt @ 40°C 44.2

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