Silverhook Anti-Rust and Synthetic grease tubes are the two newest addition to our grease tube range. Featuring a wide range of benefits, you can now be sure to find grease that fits your specific needs. Our handy 80ml tubes mean they take up less storage space and produce less waste, and the tops of the tubes can be cut at your preferred angle for easy application. You no longer need to worry about contaminating your grease with mucky fingers or utensils!

Our new Anti-Rust grease tube contains THREE added rust preventives, and is intended for use in industrial, construction, mining, garden, and marine applications. Useful in all outdoor applications to protect surfaces even in high moisture and salt environments, and against exposure to acid or corrosive fumes. Upon application, it creates a thin film that displays superior water-displacing and dirt-repellent properties compared to other greases. It can protect surfaces for up to 12 months, even under the most severe of conditions. Its highly adhesive properties mean it is anti-fling without being tacky, and is greatly resistant to chipping.

Silverhook's new Synthetic grease tube has a wide variety of uses, including automotive, construction, mining, and various outdoor applications. It has long been considered the go-to lubricant for applications that take extreme loads, speeds, and temperatures; however its high versatility means it is now considered for medium-duty applications as well. As it uses a synthetic-based oil instead of a petroleum base, it can withstand extreme and volatile temperatures better than conventional greases which can soften at higher temperatures. Its lubricating properties mean machines run quieter at high speeds. It has been specially formulated to withstand exposure to high moisture environments, and resists oxidation. Also provides protection against rust and corrosion.

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