Big Boy Carbon Fibre Black Filler sets itself apart from traditional fillers by incorporating high-strength Carbon Fibres into its formula. These carbon fibres, blended with hard-wearing structural polyester, create a filler that can withstand extreme pressures and resist cracks or breakage. No matter the size or complexity of the repair, this filler provides the integrity necessary to complete the job with long-lasting results. Big Boy Carbon Fibre Black Filler boasts an impressive hardening time of 14-16 minutes at 20°C which allows you to complete repairs efficiently. It offers excellent sanding properties making it easier to achieve a flawless surface which results in a professional-grade finish that meets the highest standards.

While many fillers can become brittle over time, Big Boy Carbon Fibre Black Filler maintains its elasticity even after being fully cured. This ensures that the repaired area can flex and move with the surrounding materials reducing the risk of damage or cracking. The filler's resilience and flexibility provide added assurance, especially in areas subjected to vibrations or impacts. This filler also excels in its adhesion to metals and plastics and its formulation means it can bond securely to a wide range of materials. From body panels to plastic bumpers this filler creates a strong bond that stands the test of time. 

With its added high-strength carbon fibres, exceptional adhesion, fine sanding properties, and high elasticity this heavy-duty filler delivers strength and durability like no other and its now available from Silverhook!

Silverhook Queen's Award Presentation