• OIL 10W/40 "Excel Plus" Semi Synthetic 1L
SILVERHOOK 10w/40 SEMI-SYNTHETIC Excel Plus PETROL/DIESEL is a super multi-grade engine oil which "EXCEL"s at high & low temperature extremities providing the highest level of protection even while cold starting.

EXCEL Plus is based on the very latest developments in Hydrocracking and additive technology & formulated with 99.9% crystal clear fully synthetic base stocks &  99.9% crystal clear group 2 base oil giving a high performance engine oil with the enhanced properties of fully-synthetic technology. EXCEL Plus has the high API SN specification suitable for conventional, multi-valve & turbo charged petrol engines and turbo diesel engines including vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). 

Features & Benefits:
  •    Low Sulphur and Phosphorus  
  •    Catalyst & Particulate Filter Compatible
  •    Excellent high and low temperature performance.
  •    Exceptional long term anti-wear characteristics.
  •    Long lasting corrosion protection.

Performance Level:
ACEA: C2 / C3
API: SN / CF  
Suitable for use in vehicles requiring ACEA:  A3 / B3-12 / A3 / B4-12

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OIL 10W/40 "Excel Plus" Semi Synthetic 1L

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