• OIL 10W/40 "INNER CITY" SL/CH4 4.5

SILVERHOOK 10w/40 Petrol & Diesel Engine SL/CH4 is the ideal all round lubricant for cars and vans used on both "stop-start" short journeys and high speed motorway work. "INNER CITY's" viscosity characteristics at extreme operating temperatures allow for outstanding cold starting performance together with high temperature stability.


INNER CITY is blended with top quality base oil and the latest additive technology resulting in a lubricant with exceptional engine performance. It's API-SL/CH4 spec. makes it suitable for conventional and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, under all conditions.


SILVERHOOK "INNER CITY" offers performance in the following areas:

  • All-Year-Round High and Low Temperature Performance.
  • Excellent for Stop-Go City Motoring.
  • High Standard of Corrosion Protection.
  • Excellent Anti-Wear characteristics.
  • Good Dispersancy Characteristics.

SILVERHOOK "INNER CITY" exceeds the requirements of the following service specification:

  • API SL/CH4
  • A.C.E.A. A2/B2/E2
  • MIL-L-2104B,MIL-L-46152B
  • CCMC G4/D4, CCMC PD 2
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OIL 10W/40 "INNER CITY" SL/CH4 4.5

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