• OIL 10W/40 SL/CF SEMI 4.54 JERRY
SILVERHOOK 10w/40 SEMI-SYNTHETIC PETROL/DIESEL SL/CF is a super multi-grade engine oil which "EXCEL"s at high & low temperature extremities providing the highest level of protection even while cold starting.

EXCEL is based on the very latest developments in additive technology & formulated with a balanced blend of full synthetic base stocks & first quality solvent refined mineral oils producing a high performance engine oil with the enhanced properties of Semi-Synthetic technology. EXCEL has the high API SL/CF specification suitable for conventional, multi-valve & turbo charged petrol engines and turbo diesel engines.

SILVERHOOK "EXCEL" ensures outstanding performance in the following areas:

  • Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance.
  • Outstanding Sludge Control for Stop Go City Motoring.
  • Reduced Oil Consumption and Emissions.
  • Exceptional Long Term Anti-Wear characteristics.
  • Long Lasting Corrosion Protection.
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