• OIL 10W/30 "ALPHA" SL/CG4 1L
SILVERHOOK 10w/30 High Performance Petrol/Diesel SL/CG-4 is an advanced super multi-grade engine oil providing substantial protection in the most extreme conditions and improving fuel economy and acceleration.

ALPHA is formulated with the very latest additive technology and demonstrates the highest level of protection required for the massive demands of today's advanced motor engineering. ALPHA has the high API SL/CG-4 suitable for conventional, multi-valve and turbo charged petrol and diesel engines.

SILVERHOOK "ALPHA" ensures outstanding performance in the following areas:

  • Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance.
  • Outstanding Sludge Control for Stop Go City Motoring.
  • High Standard of Engine Cleanliness.
  • Exceptional Long Term Anti-Wear characteristics.
  • Long Lasting Corrosion Protection.
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OIL 10W/30 "ALPHA" SL/CG4 1L

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