• 5w/30 "Supreme Plus" Synthetic Universal Engine Oil 199 Litre

Silverhook 5w/30 Supreme Plus Fully-Synthetic Petrol/Diesel SN/CF is an advanced super multi-grade engine oil providing substantial protection and outstanding performance in the most up to date Multi-Valve Engines. With leading-edge additive technology, it delivers exceptional resistance to thermal breakdown, engine wear and deposit formulation under the most severe driving conditions making it suitable for BMW LL-04. Supreme Plus offers reduced oil consumption, as low evaporation loss results in less oil top up and enhanced seal compatibility helps to prevent leaks. Supreme Plus gives improved performance and fuel economy and gives protection of exhaust emission control systems and catalytic converters. Supreme Plus is formulated to reduce Sulphur & Phosphorus levels, which extend the life of emission control systems.

Silverhook "Supreme Plus" multi-vehicle engine oil ensures outstanding performance in the following areas:

  • For The Most Up To Date Multi-Valve Engines   
  • Reduced Oil Consumption and Emissions.
  • Exceptional Long Term Anti-Wear characteristics.
  • Cleaner Running Engine, Reduces Deposits of Sludge and Carbon
  • Protects turbo chargers from deposit formulation
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5w/30 "Supreme Plus" Synthetic Universal Engine Oil 199 Litre

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